5 Inspirational Opera Moments

  • By Natalie Bradshaw
  • 31 Jan, 2016

As Natalie prepares for her upcoming shows, what inspires her to study the art of opera?

Katherine Jenkins Opera Blog
Katherine Jenkins - Classical Crossover Queen
The first performance of  Natalie Bradshaw: The Operatic Experience  is just around the corner, and it's all systems go at Full Beam HQ to rehearse all of the songs, nail lyrics and prepare costumes. Starring Full Beam Productions co-owner, Natalie, it is set to be our biggest selling show of 2016 - but seeing as it's a Sunday, and we enjoy having some down time, we've had chance to find out what inspires Natalie to perform opera and classical crossovers. Here are her top 5 inspirational anecdotes - enjoy.

"Opera is when a guy gets stabbed and, instead of bleeding, he sings." - Robert Benchley

Opera is the strangest thing I think exists in the musical world. It's certainly personal taste as to whether you could sit through a whole bunch of arias, in multiple foreign languages, and come out the other side saying you thoroughly enjoyed it. But I think what has always captivated me is the surreal feel that you get from watching an opera singer. Here is this person, singing in such a way that their voice needs no amplification, and the person opposite, to whom they are singing, is staring at them with the same solid look which they would have if they were simply talking instead. I love how flippant this Robert Benchley quote is, because opera really seems just like this; someone gets stabbed, and this voice comes gushing out in place of blood. It's massive, and grand, and breath taking, and quite bizarre all at the same time. I think that's what first drew me to opera - it's the closest I could get to the dramatism of ballet. It has a draw with me, like the tale of Swan Lake did when I was a child. I wanted to be a ballerina for the big stories, and now, I love being a classical singer for the big notes. I love how it feels when my voice soars out to hit the high notes - it's a satisfying timbre in my ribcage, and I just love it. Quotes always inspire me, and there are so many good ones. This is my favourite, but I also enjoy the ones which laugh at opera slightly. It's a strange thing to be involved in, so it's good to be able to laugh at it in a way.

"I watch them at 3am, with my headphones in, when I can't sleep..."

Youtube is this phenomenal place, where people post all sorts of videos - and there are thousands of opera clips, masterclasses and exercises to look at. They get quite addictive to flick through! I've found some fantastic warm ups, some great pieces of advice, and I try to put everything I've learnt into my singing. Even if I'm not singing when I'm watching them, I soak in the information, and try to put it in to practice the next time I get chance - I watch them all the time! I watch them at 3am, with my headphones in, when I can't sleep. Jim doesn't know that, if he woke up, I would look like a complete fool, I've got these massive Beats headphones, and Joyce DiDonato chatting to me through them! Currently, I'm learning to perfect my trill - it's slowly getting there, but I was getting frustrated - which is when I fell across this video (below) of a student being taught how to trill by Joyce. She's such a knowledgable lady, and actually, her exercise works, I'm nearly there with mine now!

"They have revolutionised classical music!"

Bond String Quartet
I first fell in love with string music - like girl group Bond.
Classical music isn't just "boring" and foreign anymore. There are some amazing people out there who are making it more marketable for today's generation - and they are succeeding. I think researching different styles of classical music, not just opera songs but piano, violin, concertos and everything else that falls under the classical bracket, not only extends your knowledge in your art form, but ignites a passion for it. I first fell in love with a girl group called Bond, who played as a string quartet like they were the next members of the Pussycat Dolls! They were phenomenal - I love all their albums, and especially their Winter Sun song. It's so uplifting, and makes me want to dance. I also love Josh Groban, Hayley Westenra, Charlotte Church in her early days, and of course, Katherine Jenkins. They have revolutionised classical music! I love the idea of classical crossover -  Bring Me To Life  is one of my ultimate favourite songs to perform - Evanescence were great with the original, but Katherine Jenkins made it even more amazing! I would definitely recommend to any budding classical singer that they extend their music knowledge, and explore what is out there - they don't have to stick to older classics anymore.

"It's about acting the words, singing the songs and moving the moves, all at the same time."

Elina Garanca is brilliant to watch, because she capture opera on stage perfectly. Her characters are believable and understandable - even though she is singing in French in this video, you know exactly what she is trying to achieve.

I remember, when I was learning opera, that my singing teacher encouraged me to completely separate my voice from my movements. She had me folding laundry, and doing fouette turns whilst singing Caro Mio Ben, in a bid to make my voice unaffected by movement. Opera is the clever mixture of a foreign language running through you brain, and coming out in big, bold notes, at the same time as moving around as if you are just walking down to the shops for a pint of milk, and whilst you're there, looking like your dog just died. It's difficult to portray everything when you don't naturally speak that language, so it's important to read into what you're singing about, and focus on the movements as well, for the full package - just don't let those grand notes be ruined. It's a fine art to master, and one that takes time. It's about acting the words, singing the songs and moving the moves all at the same time - and that's a lot to ask!

Katherine Jenkins
Jenkins is my ultimate inspiration - look how far she has come!
My most important inspiration is my idol - and for me, it has to be Katherine Jenkins. She is, to me, perfect, and setting my goals against hers aren't entirely out of line. She has achieved so much, and done so much for music, and I love the fact I can sing her songs.  The Operatic Experience  really celebrates her as an artist, she is the main focus throughout the show, and actually, just thinking about her performances helps me shape my own.

I listen to her every day - and other artists too, male and female - in order to give myself new ideas. It isn't about copying someone completely, it's about taking what they do, and moulding it into your own performance. Joyce DiDonato, Elina Garanca, Josh Groban and Hayley Westenra are also top of my list for listening to and watching. I take advice from all of their performances, and I always will.

Opera is a growing process - it won't happen overnight, and I don't think I will ever know when it has fully "happened". But I love working on our latest show, it's a great chance to show people what I can do, and I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

 Natalie Bradshaw: The Operatic Experience is available for bookings from 1st February 2016.

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For the audience, it's a night to remember, filled with excellent music from hand selected young performers. You never know, you could be watching a future star! You'll get to hear feedback from our judges, including industry professionals and representatives from BBC, and mingle with owners of some of the biggest businesses in town.

On arrival, there's a complimentary drink, and then to sweeten the deal, all money from the bar on the night goes to Children In Need - supporting an amazing cause!

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Edited February 2017.
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