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  • By Natalie Bradshaw
  • 30 Nov, 2015

A week of gigs here at Full Beam Productions.

Jim Pyle - Swing - Blog
Our lovely card from Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes.
We've been working hard here at Full Beam HQ this week, with rehearsals and performances of our Swing! and Rock Fever shows. Read our blog for more.

On Monday, we met some lovely people at Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes, Polegate, as we sang songs from Sinatra, Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, and many more. The venue was perfect - we don't need much room! - and we had lots of residents come to watch us whilst enjoying a warming cup of tea and a few biscuits! We like to make sure every member of the audience is involved, and Jim is excellent as choosing special guests to sing to. The lucky Eileen was even featured in his rendition of the Robbie Williams favourite Have You Met Miss Jones?   - it certainly left Natalie very jealous! We didn't manage to get any photos from our performance this time, but we were presented with a beautiful, handmade card, thanking us for our services, which now has pride of place in our office - a wonderful reminder of a lovely afternoon. We hope to be back at Bernhard Baron Cottage Homes soon, but in the mean time, why don't you take a look at their website -  - for more information about the work they do. If you have time, make sure to read about their stag feature piece, which is breathtaking as you enter their grounds. There are some brilliant stories surrounding it, all on the website, but we definitely agree that it must follow the Chinese symbol of happiness and good fortune, as both of these were present for our visit on Monday afternoon! Thanks must go to Mandie for arranging the afternoon as well, of course.

Friday took us a little further afield, as we travelled to Stanwell to perform for residents at the Stanwell Rose Community Centre -  - with our Rock Fever set, a mixture of everybody's favourite rock and roll, country and nostalgia songs. It was Fish and Chip Friday, organised by the lovely Danielle Mott, so we made sure to have everybody singing, dancing, and working up some hunger for their lunch! Jim again kept the audience on their toes, especially when one kind lady stopped the show to tie his shoelace! And Natalie certainly impressed with her version of  River Deep, Mountain High which had everybody singing along, and a few red faces from the gentlemen who were personally sung to! It was a perfect morning, lasting 1hr30, and with lots of cheers for more, and we are hoping to be back very soon with some more singing and dancing for the residents to enjoy! We even got some chips to take home with us after this gig, which left two very happy singers as we travelled back to Eastbourne! Thanks to Danielle and her team for their organisation.

We've had a brilliant week, and we hope you have too! Let us know what you've been up to by following us on Facebook - simply search for Full Beam Productions. Or find us on Twitter - @Nat_FullBeam and @Jim_FullBeam to keep up with all the latest gossip, competitions and performance details.

Keep smiling :)

Natalie @ Full Beam Productions

What's Happening

By Natalie Bradshaw 10 Oct, 2017
Eastbourne is playing host to a BRAND NEW singing competition!

We need audience members for Shine Bright Tonight, which is happening on 15th November at TJ's Nightclub, Eastbourne! With six artists from the local area battling it out in front of our panel of three judges, it's set to be an amazing night - with a cash prize up for grabs for the lucky winner!

For the audience, it's a night to remember, filled with excellent music from hand selected young performers. You never know, you could be watching a future star! You'll get to hear feedback from our judges, including industry professionals and representatives from BBC, and mingle with owners of some of the biggest businesses in town.

On arrival, there's a complimentary drink, and then to sweeten the deal, all money from the bar on the night goes to Children In Need - supporting an amazing cause!

This is not a night to be missed, but tickets are limited - so make sure you visit the website to purchase tickets now!

See you there!
By Natalie Bradshaw 25 Aug, 2017
Once again, we have compiled a newsletter , so you can see what we are up to!
By Natalie Bradshaw 08 Aug, 2017
With August well and truly underway, we've been taking our Summer Fiesta show to care homes in Sussex. With a few more to go, we look at some of the highlights so far.
By Natalie Bradshaw 16 Jul, 2017
Natalie Bradshaw takes the time to think about the residents who have been with us from the beginning, who are sadly no longer here.
By Natalie Bradshaw 08 Jun, 2017
When myself and Jim decided to approach care homes with activities and entertainment, it was new territory to us both. We had worked hard, for many years, as members of teams at resorts worldwide - working our way up from Animation to Team Leader, to Management - and so we had a good idea as to how to put together performances targeted at certain audience types, but care homes presented a whole new range of obstacles to overcome.

We have been providing activities now for nearly two years, and working closely with some of the biggest care home providers in the UK has certainly helped to shape our business, performers, and the shows we put together - and now, we are pushing forward with putting Full Beam Productions at the head of a new era of care home entertainment; one which comes away from war time classics, and sleepy songs, and instead creates excitement, smiles, laughter and fun for that short hour in which we are invited into the lives of those being cared for.

It's a very rewarding business to be in, but it's also one which needs to be done correctly for it to be effective. Today, I'm breaking down exactly how Full Beam Productions works, and how our approach puts a refreshing new spin on activities, and hopefully takes a step towards shaping the future of entertainment in a care home environment.
By Natalie Bradshaw 07 Jun, 2017
Hello, and welcome to our very first Wednesday Wardrobe!

Each week we will be bringing you a different blog post, or video, or both (!), taking you backstage and behind the scenes of our wardrobe department, as we prepare for each of our upcoming shows. Learn with our step by step videos how to create our props and costumes - or follow our tips for how to find the best bargains for specific dance numbers and performances.

We really hope that you find our new blogs interesting and informative - and if you think of anything that you would like to see us talking about, let us know by commenting below! Don't forget to let us know if you try to make your own version of our feature each week too!
By Natalie Bradshaw 28 Mar, 2017
In June 2016, Full Beam Productions owners, Natalie Bradshaw & Jim Pyle, were introduced to Nicole Allen - a girl with so much energy, and so much enthusiasm for life, despite suffering from the illness cystic fibrosis.

Nicole travelled around all of the care home performances, and 14 consecutive showings of Miss V & The Beamers throughout Summer, with the company, and the creative team were quick to cast her as the lead role in the James Penguin: Christmas Impossible  pantomime that December too - there was nobody better for the tap dancing, Agent P role!

As Jim & Natalie sat down at the end of 2016, to discuss which charity should be chosen for fundraising the next year, it seemed like there was no other option as good as this one - raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust was the first, and final decision.

"Nicole was inspirational throughout the tour - she had completed a month away from home before coming to the final rehearsal, and hitting the road for 14 consecutive shows. She could have told us that it was too much, that she was tired - but she persevered until the very end, and continues to do so even now. She's a true member of the Full Beam Team, and we want to help her - and supporting this charity does exactly that."
By Natalie Bradshaw 09 Mar, 2017
Jim Pyle discusses the history of swing music, plus how to choose between tribute artists, vocal groups, or a spectacle which is not to be missed.
By Natalie Bradshaw 27 Dec, 2016
2016 has been a whilrlwind year for Full Beam Productions. We sat down this weekend, whilst enjoying a few festive days off, and managed to flick through some of our old photos and videos, from the past year, and we are amazed by how far our little company has come in such a short space of time. So we thought we would make a video, to show you how great it has been, and to say thank you for being there, every step of the way!
By Natalie Bradshaw 14 Nov, 2016
Edited February 2017.
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